Miami Beach welcomes Time Out Market Miami by Melissa Mederos

A new upscale food hall is opening tomorrow in Miami Beach and its combing the cities best chefs under one roof. Time Out Market, is set to open on May 9, 2019.  It spans nearly 18,000 square feet of real estate underneath a parking garage at 1601 Drexel Avenue, right near Lincoln Road. The garage was completed in 2012, designed by architect Enrique Norten and owned by Ambassador Paul Cejas.

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"What do you shoot with?" by Melissa Mederos

The number one question we are asked is, “What gear do you use?”

It seems like every-time we are out shooting, people stop and take a glimpse with puzzled faces. Maybe they’re interested in what we’re doing or maybe they just want to know why we are using these crazy looking soft boxes, enormously huge lenses or home-made diffusers.

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