Our names are Manny and Melissa,

We are a couple photography team, located in the tropical city of Miami, Florida. Since 2011, our interest in photography, video, and visual content flourished to the present, Pryme Production. We have worked towards building powerful relationships with local entrepreneurs, commercial businesses, high-end real estate agencies, marketing companies, as well as national and international tourism agencies. Our mission and main objective is to interpret your story and understand its fundamental elements to produce images that convey your message with an impact.


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Melissa Mederos is a photographer based out of Miami, FL. Her passion for adventure, nature and scenic landscapes has always driven her toward the fascinating world of lighting and the visual experience. Within this time she felt it was necessary to bring her viewers visual content and reviews to showcase Florida's most alluring places.

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Hi there, my name is Manny Prades, co-founder of Pryme Production. I was born and raised in Miami, FL to Cuban immigrant parents. Ever since my childhood days, I've been into art in many different forms, from oil painting, sketching and craft. It wasn’t until my mid- teenage years that I picked up my first digital camera that belonged to my parents and began having fun creating imagery.